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garment manufacturing industry in India 

The garment manufacturing industry in India is largest scale industries of the country. Women are the main factors if we consider mostly the women are working as a labour in garments manufacturing industry in India.

As the women’s labour little cheaper than men’s labour so mostly Garment manufacturer in India hire women labour.

As of now lots of new clothing brands are coming into the industry with their innovative ideas and products in order to meet both local and global trends. They analyse global trend and make their collection as per targeted audience.

Garment manufacturing industry in India is the largest employment generating sector in India.

India is the sixth largest exporter in the world. It supply cotton fabric, polyester , rayon and other fabric and clothes to all over the world. There are many greige fabric mills, dying mills, weaving and knitting mills for fabric .Here is so many types of fibre and fabric available India We produce various types of garment for Men Women and Kids.

Garment manufacturer in India ! Wings 2 Fashion

There are so many garment manufacturer in India mostly from Gurugram, Delhi, Noida, Jaipur, Mumbai and Bangalore. The garment manufacturing industry in India produce fashionable clothes for Indian women, men and for kids as well.

These garment manufacturer in India also do exports of garments around all over the world. They have their own fashion designer, Merchandisers, sampling team, production team and quality team.

Some garment manufacturer in India are do only readymade garments wholesale business only. They make garments for wholesale only and sell them to local wholesaler.

Private Label clothing manufacturers in India ! Wings 2 Fashion

The garment manufacturing Industry in India there are so many private label manufacturers.We do clothing for new brands for Indian and International clients.

We make kids wear easygoing apparel for men and distinctive assortment of ladies’ clothing like architect dresses tops and other elegant garments. We produce both little and mass requests with private marking. We offer an advantage to our customers of private marking where they can get their image name named on the items. Our conspicuous group of experts try to manufacture great quality and amount of creation. Our expert architects are master in their fields. Subsequently they produce various assortments of garments. These various assortments may incorporate all the moving garments and uniform wears and the items as indicated by the interest of the customers.

Our expert group gives you the best texture and best quality item at truly sensible costs.

We have an extraordinary foundation outfitted with a wide range of hardware needed in assembling.

In the field of in vogue articles of clothing and pants, wings2fashion is the best private mark producers and little cluster clothing makers in the USA. Each and every item that we fabricate is of excellent.

Our apparel business isn’t simply restricted to a solitary country, we trade our items to various unfamiliar nations like USA UK France Germany and so on.

Clothing Manufacturers for Startups ! Wings 2 fashion

Wings2fashion accepts that little endeavors can prompt large changes, and subsequently we generally remain in front to invest our amounts of energy even into little things. On the lookout, the greater part of the style brands deal with the issue of discovering Clothing Manufacturers for Startups.

In any case, on the off chance that you are searching for little request clothing manufacturers for startups, Wings 2 fashion makers are quite possibly the most rumored makers who manufacture the best quality clothes even on a limited scale.

Along these lines on the off chance that you are looking for makers who acknowledge Low MOQ Manufacturers for your image or some other business then wings 2 fashion is the best spot for you. We likewise give the examples to our clients for limited scope just as huge scope orders for the fulfillment of the client.

Small Order Clothing Manufacturers India ! Wings 2 Fashion

Our specialized team sampling , production and , quality always ready to work for small orders. This makes us the reputed one of the small order clothing manufacturers India.

We manufacture regalia for inns and officials alongside other dress. We give you the best quality items with little request clothing makers. Our quality checking group guarantees that garments are comprised of the best quality texture. Alongside this our texture sourcing group discovers the excellent texture according to the interest of the clients. We have the expert planners group to set up your request impeccably and on schedule.

We attempt to give perhaps the best support of our customers. Henceforth as per the necessity of our clients, for instance, the kind of texture the size, plan, example, and printing, and so forth our architect group cooperates to prepare your request.

So in the event that you are searching for makers who make even the limited scale request then wings2fashion is the most ideal decision for you. We are a standout among other little Order clothing producers in the USA. Wings2fashion private mark clothing makers offer you the best administrations, great items occasionally, and safe conveyance of the request and furthermore deal with each little interest of the clients in any event, for the little bunch clothing makers in India.

Fabric &Trims Sourcing: – We source fabric & trims from local market like new prints designs, new embroidery designs, new fabrics structures etc.Clients send us their inspirational pictures to source fabric & trims to be implemented on  their end products.

Garment manufacturers and exports in India ! Wings 2 Fashion

Wings 2 Fashion is one of the garment manufacturers  and exporters in India. We are working as below:-

Custom Styling

 We develop custom design as per client requirement. Clients send us their sketch, mentioned all detail along with fabric and trim detail than we develop a proto type sample for styling approval.

Custom Prints

We develop custom print as per client requirement. Clients send us custom print like their logo design and we develop first strike off for print design, colors, size and quality approval.

Custom Embroidery: –

We develop custom embroidery as per client requirement. Clients like logo or other motives, they send us custom print design and we develop first strike off for embroidery design, colors, size and quality approval. Then start to make sample.

Custom Dying Effect:

 We also do garment over dying. There are so many techniques for garment over dying like pigment dye , cold pigment wash , acid wash sulphur acid wash etc . We have to select which technique will be suitable to achieve our client styling.

Custom hand work :-

We do custom hand work design like sequin embroidery, beads embroidery. Mostly these kind of things are used in high fashion garments , party wear etc.

Internal departments:-

We have separate department for each stage of clothing manufacturing. Our departments: – Sampling department, Production Department, Fabric Department, Trims Department, account and shipping department.


Our sampling department makes samples as per client tech –pack or inspiration received. Also we make our own collection for next season. Client can select styles from our collection for their brands.

Sampling team also suggest to the client what is coming new into the industry and how to make our product production and quality friendly .


First of all production team take hand over from sampling .Fabric & trims used for sample. They make TNA (TIME & ACTION) planning sheet keeping delivery time in mind. Order fabric and trims as approved. Plan for how many machine and labour required for particular order and arrange them accordingly.


Our quality team have some permanent quality check point at every stage in cutting, printing / embroidery etc ,production line , initial checking  , mid line checking and final checking. Our quality assurance manager random check shipment before shipping. 


We provide free shipping within India. We do ship via air or by sea for international clients. Some time clients have their own forwarder.

Door to Door Shipping: –

Some international and domestic client wants want door to door delivery service. We have that facility of door to door shipping around all over the world.

Clothing variety: –

There are so many variety of clothing. Fashion is different for girls, boys, kids, old edge person. Some apparel brand do only kids wear , some do only girls wear and some gym wear and so on.

Clothing categories :-

Day wear , beach wear , night wear , sport wear , Gym wear , Under wear, party wear , high fashion and etc.

Wings2fashion manufacture clothes for every category. So any types of clothing brand is welcome to work with us .

Women’s clothing:

Ladies Top, Short dress, Long dress , Short skirt, Long skirt, Legging, Pants , Night suits, Kaftans, Shorts, Joggers , track suits , jackets , bath robe , blouses , Bra , Panty etc.

Men’s clothing:-

T-shirts, Shirts, Pants, Shorts, Track Suits, Night suits, Joggers, Jacket, coat pant, jeans, etc.

Kid’s clothing: –

T-shirts, Shirts, Pants, Shorts, Track Suits, Night suits, Joggers, Jacket, coat pant, jeans, etc.

Wings 2 Fashion Infrastructure: –

Garment manufacturer in india should have parking area , first aid facility for worker , admin team monitoring each and every thing of the company. Wings 2 fashion have  the latest machinery for clothing like single needle, over lock, baby over lock, flat, elastic attachment, embroidery, washing / perc etc.

Working Flow: –

Mostly the garment manufacturer in india are following this flow :- Inquiry from clients-Fabric sourcing –Fabric and trims approval- Sampling – Fit approval – Lab dips / strike off approval – Bulk lots approval -PP sample approval –Production-production sample approval-Shipping.



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